The Power of Paperless

Recent data shows that 79 percent of renters prefer to pay rent online or via smartphone, but only 32 percent of the residents Entrata serves take advantage of online payment options.We decided to find out why. Through conversations with the most successful online payment adopters, we were able to uncover several consistent practices to boost online payments. The result is the creation of our Entrata Paperless Payment Program. It’s a free program for ResidentPay clients, designed to train you and your staff how to substantially increase your online payment adoption.

Go Paperless!

Proven Payment

Here’s what we’ve seen with ResidentPay clients who have already gone paperless:

    • 65% less time processing rent
    • 50% decrease in delinquencies on average
    • Lower liability with decreased handling of checks and money orders
    • Reduced data entry errors by eliminating manual payment processing
    • Elimination of payment theft & fraud
    • More time spent on residents and renewals rather than payment processing
    • Immediate payment confirmations
    • Increased resident satisfaction based on consistent communication and training
    • 22% more online maintenance request participation

Additionally, two clients really caught our attention by achieving remarkable growth to between 80 and 90 percent payment participation.

Spread the Word

We’ll help you get the word out to your residents with free, custom-designed marketing materials and resident emails. By participating in the Paperless Payment Program, you’ll receive:

  • Paperless Marketing Kits

    • MoneyGram Wallet Cards
    • 8.5 X 11 flyers
    • 17.5 X 11 posters
    • 5 X 7 desk sign
    • ResidentPay wallet cards
    • Dropbox cover

Getting Started With The Paperless Program

Paperless Payment Program Launch Timeline

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